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Autumn Update

Hi everyone. I thought I’d check in and let you know what I’m up to.

It’s all quiet on the release front until March when Call It Love will be out. It’s the second instalment in the Speak Its Name series and all the characters from To Light A Fire are back. This time Charlie takes centre stage and turns his life upside down.

Stay tuned for a cover reveal very soon. To Light A Fire is out now if you haven’t already met Charlie, Frank and Tanner.

Talking of Speak Its Name, the third story, Spotlight On Love, is at edit stage. I’m really proud of this one and love Oliver and Stanley. I hope you will too. That will be out in July 2022.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m writing two other stories. One is the second episode of my new trilogy set in the fictional Yorkshire village of Napthwaite. Three’s Company is the tale of three men who find love even though life is trying it’s best to stop them.

The other is a new series called Two Tribes. For these tales, we’re going to Manchester’s criminal underbelly. Liam runs with Jonny Wellingham’s gang but when a mysterious challenger appears, Liam finds his loyalty tested to the absolute limit. I'm still very much in the planning stage of this but do you fancy a sneak peak? Bear in mind it could change but it will give you a vibe.

I had ten minutes to get ready. The sun shone in through the windows, making the flat red hot. I threw on a tight white t-shirt and black shorts. I’d never really cared what I wore, just grabbing the nearest thing on the clean washing pile. Today I wanted to wear my very best clothes.

I grabbed my phone and wallet. Once out onto the landing, Marco stood waiting for me, fiddling with his phone. He looked incredible in tight coral shorts and a blue oxford short sleeved shirt.

I kissed him.

“You are gorgeous,” he murmured. “Maybe we should sack this off and stay in.”

I gently shoved him. “We’re dressed now. Come on, I want my surprise.”

I didn’t like us going out onto the street. I could imagine Jonny changing his mind and one of the lads appearing from nowhere and finishing this whole job. Everything had become real all of a sudden. The bubble we had lived in for the past few days hadn’t popped exactly but it had got very fragile.

To my relief the lift went down to the basement car park where Harry had dropped me off. Marco led me over to a gunmetal grey Range Rover. I might have known he would have smart wheels.

“Your chariot.”

I climbed in. The interiors were light grey leather and it smelt new. Even the seats were more comfortable than the rancid couch me and Clare had at home. That didn’t take much.

“Nice car,” I said, running my fingers along the steering wheel.

“Thanks,” he said grabbing my hand and kissing it. He let it drop and fired up the engine. “Let’s see what she can do.”

We tore out of the city centre and soon found the motorway. Marco floored it and we sped down the highway. I settled into the cream leather seat and relaxed. The miles between us and all that shit made the bubble stronger again. I could pretend for a day that everything would be all right.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I asked.

“In a bit,” he replied with a wink. He reached across and squeezed my leg. This felt so natural. It also felt dangerous. We were taking things out of the bedroom. I glanced over at him. He had such a strong profile and I could imagine him growing older. He would suit grey hair. I found myself wanting to see that for my own eyes.

I had a terrible feeling that I was falling in love. This hadn’t been on the plan and the minute he found out it would all come crashing around my ears.

You could say I’m a bit busy at the moment then. But I love it so it isn’t a hardship. I have so many characters and stories that I want to create for you so getting some of them out there is a joy.

So that’s me for now.

Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. All @kparkerwriter

I’d love to hear from you. It can get a bit lonesome typing away here.

Stay safe


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