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Venetian Valentine

A race through Italy with the police and the mafia on their tales. How do they find time for love?

My Bloody Valentine

Venice at Valentine's? Andrew didn't bargain on outrunning the Mafia, fighting for his life...or meeting Sergio.

Post break-up Andrew, in Venice for Valentine's Day, isn't alone and pining for very long before handsome local Sergio sweeps him off his feet - and into his gondola.

What should have been the most romantic evening of Andrew's life turns into the deadliest when a dying policewoman they rush to help slip them a vital piece of evidence...and they're accused of shooting her.

With both the Mafia and corrupt cops in hot pursuit, Andrew and Sergio must deliver the evidence to the only man who can clear their name. The only problem is he lives at the other end of Italy, which sends them on the most action-packed Valentine's date ever.

It's going to take some serious Valentine's magic for the shy Englishman and the sexy gondolier to have a second date, never mind a chance at a relationship...

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of mild peril, injury and a gun battle.

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