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Pleasure seekers

Pleasure Seekers is the online store for the nation’s naughty needs. It caters to all tastes from edible underwear to lube to things that are a little more niche.

Based in Brighton on the South Coast, Pleasure Seekers’ mission is to revolutionise Britain’s sex life.

But what kind of person works in a company like this?

Meet Tyler, Eddie and Scott. Three men who are about to have the summer of their lives.

Who says taking your work home with you is a bad thing?


Tyler Jones is celebrating hitting his mid-thirties with a new job and it’s unlike anywhere he’s ever worked before.


Pleasure Seekers is an sex toy retail company based in the seaside resort of Brighton.

On his first day, Tyler finds himself in a very sticky situation with the drop-dead gorgeous Danny Healy. This man is next-level handsome. When Danny offers to help Tyler become personally acquainted with some of the items the company sells online, the heat truly blasts off.

But Tyler has never been one for meaningless sex. When he gets to know Danny, he finds so much more than he ever expected. What could happen if the lines of their arrangement were blurred a little?

Trigger warning – discussion of historical emotional struggles and attempted suicide.



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Coming soon

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