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Speak Its Name Box Set

I’m very proud to say that my first series, Speak Its Name, is now coming out in box set format.

Speak Its Name is special to me because the opening novella, To Light A Fire, was my query story for Pride Publishing way back in 2020. Little did I know when I sent it in that I would fall down the M/M rabbit hole good and proper!

The series consists of three 20k tales set in the 1920s. Each telling the story of two brave men who are determined to love no matter what society and the law has to say.

In To Light A Fire, we meet Frank. A humble shopkeeper’s son who mixes with the elite due to a scholarship to a top university. He’s always been on the outskirts though. When his mate, Charlie, invites him to spend time at his family’s stately home, Frank isn’t sure. Then he meets servant, Tanner and everything Frank thought about how his life would pan out, turns on its head.

Call It Love finds Charlie having to face the music for the events in To Light A Fire. Yet things have impacted him far more deeply than his family would ever believe. Instead of submitting to the marriage they hastily arrange, Charlie does a runner. Vulnerable and unsure of what to do next, he meets Michael quite by chance. Michael is everything Charlie isn’t. Then they do say opposites attract.

In Spotlight on Love, American music hall star, George Lomax is on the run. As a black man, his life is troubled enough. Yet, adding being gay into the equation makes things ten times worse. George decides to go off radar for a few days by the seaside to take a break from his problems. What he didn’t expect was meeting Stanley Butterworth. A WW1 veteran, Stanley has his own issues.

The Speak Its Name box set will be out on 21st November. Order now


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