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Fearne Hill is just about to release her tenth book. The author of last year’s exceptional Two Tribes as well as the Rossingley, Nailed It and Surfing the Waves series, she also finds time for a busy medical career.


So we were lucky she found the time to answer some questions.

What is happening in your world at the moment?

Oh gosh! Surviving winter unscathed! I am an NHS hospital doctor, which is probably all I need to say on the matter...

What do you have in store for us in 2023?

2023 is already totally planned! February 7th is the release day for the fourth instalment in my Rossingley series, To Mend A Broken Wing, and all the previous characters are there, including two new cute younger ones. Following on from that, I have the remaining two books in my Nailed It! series scheduled – Cloud Nine and Cloud White. Then, nearer to Christmas, I have a (long) holiday novella coming out about a lonely farmer finding love a little later in life 

When did you start writing?

In 2018, when I became bored of watching TV in the evenings and decided to do something worthwhile with my time! I began with a trilogy, roughly based on my own university experiences, which is fun but needs rewriting before I rerelease it. At some point, I’ll get around to it.

Two Tribes was a huge hit last year, what do you think it was about Matt and Alex that resonated with readers?

Well, firstly, Matt is loosely based on a real person, and I think that comes through? His working-class inner voice captured reader’s imaginations.

Secondly, I think most of us can recall the intensity of a first love/first crush and, at some point, also maybe question what could have been if things had worked out differently. And finally, I think the cultural nod to the 1990s resonates with a lot of folks, such as the TV shows and the musical references, of course. Britain in the 1990s is seen as a fun progressive time – Britpop, new labour, girl power etc, and it was for many. But for a lot of queer people, struggling to find their identities under the shadow of Section 28, times were tough. It is certainly the book of which I’m most proud.

How many plot ideas do you generally have swirling around?

A couple, usually. I’m currently adding the final touches to Cloud White but am also 20 000 words into book 2 of another series set in France (book 1 is done and marinating for a couple of months before I give it a reread.)

Is there a genre or trope you haven’t tried that you’re itching to?

So, Cloud White (book 3 of Nailed It!) is the most challenging book I’ve ever written. It’s friends to lovers, and safe to say, I won’t be doing friends to lovers again. I have a bit of daddy kink story on the backburner (the full works, ABDL and everything) of which I’ve written 25% and occasionally add a few lines to. I even have a separate adorable pen name for it and everything, but I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it. If I was more of a historian, I’d try my hand at historical M/M as it’s my favourite genre to read.

What are your tips on promoting your work?

Pay someone else to do it! Seriously, most writers will tell you getting your books out there and seen is the hardest part and I certainly don’t have the answers. Having ARC’s from book bloggers with a lot of followers is my best advice, although obviously that can go one of two ways if they don’t like your writing…

Do you have certain times of day when you can write better?

I am a morning person, so yes, any time between 6 and 9 am. On days I have to go to work, I do a lot of thinking on my commute. I edit/reread at any time of day.

First draft or editing?

I’m quite a swotty girl, so I am one of those few authors who loves editing – it’s like someone marking your homework and I definitely have a praise kink!

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m about to start Emma Scott’s The Muse. I don’t read many contemporary US M/M authors, but she is excellent.

Where can people catch up with you?

I have a FB group:


Twitter (I tend to do a lot of medical stuff on this but there’s book stuff too) @FearneHill


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