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Happy New Year! Let's see what 2023 has in store

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilled new year.

I’ve worked really hard in 2022 to bring some titles to you that I hope you enjoy as much as I have writing them. As we all battle the inevitable New Years Day hangover, I thought I’d bring you a preview of what I’ve got in store for you.

First up, in February we have Pole Position. Two Formula One drivers, Charles Worthington and Luis Salvatore are team mates, rivals and…could there be something else there?

Then in March, we’ll take a different direction as I launch my brand new for 2023 series, Two Tribes. The first book, Fools Gold features Liam Moseley, a lad with a difficult upbringing who finds himself in the middle of one of Manchester’s most blood thirsty gang turf wars. When he meets Marco Ponti, their lives will never be the same again.

April will see book two in Two Tribes, Everything Changes. Shaun Moseley has been trapped in a situation not of his making and he’s furious about it. He blames everyone including the handsome and gentle, Enzo. But has Shaun got Enzo all wrong? Amid the backdrop of the ongoing war between two gangs, Shaun and Enzo find out that first impressions are not always correct.

At the start of May, we’ll head back to Queens Crescent for Reality Royal. Here we meet the Honourable Alexander Fitzwilliam and soap star Zac Caton. Two very different people but then opposites always did attract.

Then at the end of May, I’ll wrap up Don’t Look Back In Anger. I’m not going to say too much about this one yet suffice to say a stranger arrives in Manchester who forces the war to it’s exciting conclusion.

Just when you’re getting sick of me, I’ll ease up on you a bit haha. For the second half of the year, I’ll have a couple of Queens Crescent stories that I’m writing at the moment. I’m superstitious so I won’t say too much about these yet.

Oh, I nearly forgot. For all newsletter subscribers there will be a free story to accompany each Queens Crescent story. Queens Parade is an upmarket row of shops just around the corner. It’s packed with handsome men. How convenient.

I hope that you enjoy these stories. I’ve really loved creating the worlds and finding all sorts of trouble for my characters to get into.

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Thank you for your support, it means the world.



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