Welcome to Napthwaite

In less than a week, you will be able to visit the fictional village of Napthwaite that has ben in my life for a year now. I’m so excited for you to read about the characters who live there.

Let’s get things straight, there are some seriously hot men in the village. Book one, The Rule of Three, focuses on James Durkin, pub landlord, rugby player and chair of the parish council. He has been having a secret affair with farmer, Ed for years but he wants it to remain just that. Secret.

Ed is not on the same page as James. He wants to be out and proud. They both know how small villages work but Ed has had enough of hiding. Then new teacher, Arthur, enters the mix and shakes everything up.

Three’s Company, is out in September, this story focuses on another sizzling trio. Will Johnstone grew up in Napthwaite and swore he would never return. But a family emergency drags him back. While he’s there, he meets Andrew, a forestry worker who seems to be hiding something. Postman, Hardeep finds himself getting involved with these two and the sparks fly.

The final instalment of Village Affairs, Triple Intent, will be out in November. Billionaire hotel magnate, Darryl Burlington, sets his sights on Napthwaite and brings his assistant and occasional lover, Francois, with him. They usually have an affair with someone when they are checking an area out and Napthwaite is no exception. Gorgeous gardener, Michael, finds himself in their clutches. But is he just what they needed to make everything all right?

However the village isn’t just populated by hunks. The villagers are as colourful as the gaggle of gay men they seem to have been invaded by. I thought I’d introduce you to a few.

My favourite is Mrs Turnbull. Every village has a Mrs Turnbull. Keeping the village under surveillance from her rose garden has become an obsession since her husband died. But she is a kind soul and her baking is famous for miles around.

Liz Poole is the flip side to Mrs Turnbull. She also knows what is going on but rarely uses it for good. She owns the local grocery shop and is always on the lookout for more ways to make a quick buck. Not a fan of change, she doesn’t take kindly to the modern world threatening her little kingdom.

Matthew Johnstone used to be the chair of the parish council and shares Liz’s opinion that progress is never a good thing. But everyone can change, can’t they?

Christine Carrington is the voice of reason in the village. She is the local primary school headteacher and also on the parish council. She will fight for what is right and has no qualms in taking on the more rigid members of their little society.

The Rule of Three is out on 7th June 2022