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Rebecca Fairfax Interview

Rebecca Fairfax is a writer with eighteen books listed on Goodreads. 

She is also an editor at Pride Publishing and I'm very lucky to have worked with her on my stories. 

So in my new interview series, I thought it only proper that she have the honour of being the first.

How did you find your way to editing M/M romance?

Via teaching English for the British Council, then translation for the British Council's translation unit. That led me to medical editing for the editor-in-chief of a European medical journal, then legal editing for a magic circle law firm.

It's been a long, strange trip...and I've loved (mostly) every minute.

If a new writer is reading this, which genres are saturated at the moment?

Every time a genre or sub-genre seems saturated, someone comes out with a new twist on it which is great!

What is the best bit of being an editor?

Helping polish a story so it shines more brightly. That and free books to read.

Describe a typical day in the life of an editor.

Crikey, I wouldn't know. Editing? Not pissing off the dog or cat, trying to stay off Facebook and putting the biscuits on a high shelf so I can't keep eating them all day.

Which writers do you like to read? M/M or not

I like anything about a genius loci so I read a fair few urban theorists. I'll read anything by Mike Davis. I'd better not mention writers I edit. I discovered Lorelei James last year and went through the Rough Riders series in a week.

What do you think lies in the future for M/M romance?

Hopefully more stories! I'd like to see more m/m Regency. I bloody love Regency.

You also write. Can you swap around easily or do you have to be in a specific mood?

I write a lot. Always have. Graphomania? A blue-stocking with an itch for scribbling? Lots of time I use editing or proofreading as procrastination if I have to write.

What is the best bit of being a writer?

Creating a fantasy world to live in for a bit then offering it up to the public to see if anyone else wants to visit too.

When writing are you a planner or a seat of your pants writer?

Ooh a Planner with a capital P. Right from the MCs, their flaws, their arcs, to the story's obstacles and conflict to the black moment and happy ever after. Which doesn't mean it can't evolve in the telling, of course.

The story I'm currently writing, I had no idea one MC was so sassy until he snarked the other MC, which changed the dynamic, or that he did sleight-of-hand tricks until he did one (it plays in later...)

When taking a break from words, do you have any other hobbies?

Knitting and cross-stitch. Lord, I'm boring. When did I turn into a middle-aged spinster in the 1930s? I like to get ou t on my bike, Jasmin, when I can escape the dog. Being nosey about people - is that a hobby?

Who is your favourite fictional character of all time?

Maybe Behemoth from The Master and Margarita? What's not to love about a giant black cat villain who drinks vodka, shoots a Mauser automatic and strokes his whiskers with a ten-kopek note? 

Or Scarlett O'Hara. Did you know there's Scarlett and Melanie fanfiction? Just sayin...

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