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Roe Horvat  Interview

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I had the pleasure of meeting Roe Horvat at the UK Meet in September. A prolific author with titles such as Skydive, Cabin Fever and Hedonist that seem perfect for those cold winter nights.

Roe took some time out to answer my questions, enjoy!

What is coming up in the world of Roe Horvat?

I’ve just finished Trouble, my next in the omegaverse series Winter Sun, and the preliminary publishing date is December 8. It’s a love story on a porn set, which might sound like a contradiction, but I stand by it. Another book on the way is Levity, about a cantankerous old dragon who drinks way too much whisky—this year’s NaNoWriMo project, fingers crossed.

Is writing your full-time career?

Starting November, yes. I quit my day job last year, but I’ve been consulting for my old employer. In September, I informed my last remaining client I’m leaving the business entirely, finished the projects, and here I am.

What is your writing space like?

Loads of different spaces. In the summer, it’s outside on the patio. In this nasty weather (autumn in Gothenburg means horizontal rain), I write in the kitchen, in my “office” – a tiny nook of a guestroom under the stairs in our house, or anywhere I can grab a moment of quiet. I do my best writing in the shower or while dog walking. Sadly, I can’t dictate to save my life (my Czech-Swedish accent makes it nearly impossible for any software to decode what I’m saying), so I have to remember and type it up later. I need complete silence, so I use noise-cancelling headphones and/or ear plugs.

What time of day do you usually write?

After many years of trial and error, I’ve accepted that my brain works best between 9 am and 2 pm. That’s when I’m most productive. If an idea comes to me at any other time, I write it down, and develop/edit between 9 am and 2 pm.

Who is your favourite own character?

Mean question. Have you read Sophie’s Choice? *Shudder*

I’ll retaliate by mentioning many, and the list is not complete: Simon Mraz (A Love Song for the Sad Man in the White Coat, aka Long Title), Adam (Adam Only), Alex (Dirty Mind), Jonah (Hedonist), Ky (Hedonist), Anneli Jonsson (Tyler’s mother in Those Other Books series), Lawrence Winchester (Skydive), Navid Massoud (Innocent), Walter Sébastien (Teacher), and honestly all of them… They piss me off, drive me nuts, and keep me alive.

What do you hope readers take away from your books?

I’m not shy about my opinions and dare say that an author’s moral compass is usually discernible even in an unhinged dragon-shifter omegaverse fantasy erotica. But once a book is out there, it’s out of my control. It belongs to the reader, and trying to influence their experience means fighting windmills. So I don’t have a set of things I hope people find in my books.

With that said, I write what I like to read. I write consent and equality in a way that I find arousing, and I provide an escape for myself in a world where evil has pre-set limits. Oh, and I love to stuff in gender-bending sexiness and trans beauty—those who want will find it, together with all my liberal millennial atheist leftist feminist snowflaky increasingly angry and unrelenting wokeness. You’re welcome.

How do you deal with self-promotion?

I suffer through it? I hate the admin around promo, but I enjoy interacting with my reader group, for example. It’s a nice place to be (welcome in ;) ). Other than that, I do most of the classic things – website, social, and newsletter. I don’t pay for Amazon Ads bc, as erotica and omegaverse, most of my books aren’t eligible anyway. My best promo channel are my readers – I dote on my book pushers.

What are you reading at the moment?

Sadly, nothing. The last book I opened was my kid’s math textbook two days ago. I almost cried. I have periods of time when I read several books a week and then nada for months. Last, I was binging on KM Neuhold in June. But I’m waiting for a friend’s story that I look forward to very much. It has vampires.

Generally, I try to read even outside the MM genre and include non-fiction. Factfulness by Hans Rosling is a good one. Read it.

What was your favourite book as a child?

Again choices. And at what age? I think my earliest truly profound reading experience was The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. I read it several times around the age of 10. It’s about the last days of Captain Nemo (not the clownfish). Then Lord of the Rings. Later in my teenage years came Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Mort by Terry Pratchett.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I love writing the most, which makes me so lucky and privileged, I’m ashamed. Besides that, long walks and hikes with my dog, and anything involving a beer (from meeting friends to cooking goulash). I do like spending time with my annoying kids and husband.

Where can people find you?

My Facebook group is the best place to stay in touch with me. It’s where I’m most myself.

You can find me under the handle @roehorvat on TikTok, Twitter, and Insta.

TikTok is a minefield for me, hit and miss really, but I do try to post something cool occasionally. I’m still learning to tweet, and I still suck at it.

My Instagram contains mainly pictures of my dog, who is very pretty indeed, and the great Swedish outdoors, so feel free to follow.

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