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Viva Gold

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Viva Gold is not only a wonderful author of high heat M/M romance but she is also one of the organisers of shiMMer, the M/M romance writer extravaganza.

I am so pleased that she found time to answer a few questions. 

What is going on in your world at the moment?

Oh my gosh – my book related world is taken over at the moment with all things shiMMer. Behind the scenes there is a lot of prep work going on. It’s exciting but on top of real life work it can be a lot. But of course it’s a labour of love.

In terms of new books from Viva Gold, there hasn’t been much since the end of Covid, but I plan on changing that this summer when I am devoting time to a new book. I miss writing…


What can people expect from a Viva Gold book?

You can expect to see existing characters pop up all over the place! My original series – Woolf Tales, was quite explicit in terms of the sex and also the characters and plots. I didn’t hold back or compromise at all. The Elvis and Jonah books that followed were much lighter and Elvis proved to be a very popular MC. There is some crossover with the characters there too.


All my books are set in England; mostly London and I have a very British ‘voice’. My characters are extremely diverse in terms of race, religion and sexual preferences, but they are all gorgeous and I’m totally in love with them all.


Who is your favourite character from your stories?

Definitely Elvis – he’s lush! Sexy and sassy…


What is your favourite part of the creative process?

Creating the characters. It’s a like having a baby by design!


You are also an organiser of Shimmer. What can you tell us about this year’s event?

We’re going intimate this year. We had over 100 authors express an interest in attending, but due to costs and wanting to keep it affordable for attendees, we decided to cap it at 30. That way we get back to the truly special part of any signing, which is meeting and visiting with the authors. It works both ways – authors love to connect with their readers and shimmer intimate is the perfect space for that to happen.


We also have the amazingly talented Vivienne Lynsey entertaining us at our gala dinner, plus fun things happening on Friday night and Sunday morning. Team shiMMer are literally quivering with excitement!


What is your favourite swag?

Sexy pics on anything really! I’m not fussy….


What are your best memories from past events?

Definitely meeting the greatest people on the planet – I love the MM world and everyone associated with it. We’re a great bunch. Drunken shenanigans also feature…


Where can people get tickets to the event?

Go to or click this Eventbrite link to go to tickets


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Spend time with fam and friends, but mostly the puppy! And I love shopping!


What song do you play loud when you want to be in a good mood?

If I Can Dream by Elvis Presley – my ultimate…


What are you reading at the moment?

Lily Morton’s new book, Confetti Hearts – love all her books. I have your Village Affairs books on my kindle to dive into next!


The old dinner party question – you can invite three people, alive or dead. Who would you choose and why?

Elvis Presley – I’m a BIG fan of this iconic man.

Sam (shimmer peeps will know her) – she’s my ride or die; my number one.

Izzy Woolf – how cool to actually meet someone you created! My number one alpha from Izzy’s Boy. Gah, I adore him, but he has a mouth and a half on him – would make things very interesting!


What is the best part of the day?

The minute I lay my head on my pillow.


What is your dream holiday destination?

It’s not a dream – I go every year – Tel Aviv. It’s such a great place.


Where can people find you?

At home chained to my desk…oh, that’s not what you meant! Lol!


FB page:


All my books are on Amazon and free in KU

Email me at

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