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Hello Autumn

Haven’t we had a wonderful summer? Everything got a bit hectic with volunteering at my local pride and going on holiday to the beautiful island of Kefalonia. It was topped off with a brilliant weekend at UK Meet in Southampton. I met some really fabulous people, readers and writers alike. Unfortunately, I also got Covid for my troubles but what can you do?

When not galivanting, I’ve been hard at work. I’ve got some treats in store for you in 2023. I have not one but two brand new series for your reading pleasure.

The first, Queens Crescent, kicks off this Christmas. Let me take you to a billionaire’s row in contemporary London. Each house holds a different story, and we kick off with Christmas at Queens Crescent.

Grieving Jeremy comes to live with his father after the death of his mother. Stuart is a local florist who has a chip on his shoulder about rich people. Jeremy instantly fancies him and goes undercover as Stuart’s new shop assistant to find out more. But will his secret that he’s a poor little rich kid come out?

Then in February 2023, I have Pole Position which I’ve just submitted for editing. Charles Worthington and Luis Salvatore are Formula One teammates and rivals but is there something else making them react so severely to each other?

The second series is Two Tribes. Set in Manchester, this delves into the gangster underbelly of the city. Liam Moseley has been in Jonny Wellingham’s gang most of his adult life. He’s not happy but he’s not unhappy either. That all changes when mysterious stranger, Marco, arrives in town. The chain of events this triggers, no one could have predicted.

Two Tribes 1 – Fools Gold is out in March

Two Tribes 2 – Everything Changes is out in April

Two Tribes 3 – Don’t Look Back in Anger is out in May

As if that wasn’t enough, remember to sign up to my newsletter. There will be regular free stories from Queens Parade, the little shopping street around the corner from Queens Crescent.

As always, I would love to hear from you so come and find me in all the usual haunts

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