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Public Affair (QC4)

Public Affair is out!

At last I can say the fourth story in my Queens Crescent series, Public Affair, is here. I’m always excited to bring a new story out. However, this one I really enjoyed writing.

Ever since the first Queens Crescent book, I have been looking forward to bringing Nihal Varma’s story to you. He’s the type of character who is a joy to explore. Impetuous with exceptionally strong instincts, Nihal has risen to the top of the PR game along with his trusty (and steadying) friend, Jeff.

Nihal is a constant presence on the London scene and has left more than a few hearts broken along the way. He has sworn off relationships and for a very good reason.

Then Carl Carrington comes into his life. He is a frontrunner in the election of Leader of the Opposition. Carl is an MP with a conscience and strongly believes he can make a difference. Integrity is something Nihal doesn’t come across from very often. He is entranced.

The story follows their journey as Nihal tries to keep things on a professional level. Yet, Carl is making him do all sorts of things that are completely out of character. Where will it end?

I really enjoyed telling their story. Politics has such a terrible reputation these days. It’s easy to forget there are people trying to do the best they can as well. I wanted to tell that story.

Maybe I am a hopeless romantic after all.

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