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Queens Crescent Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, there’s Christmas coming but more exciting is the Queens Crescent sale!

All five titles of my billionaire romance series are available for 99p/99c this week only.

Christmas at Queens Crescent

It all begins when Jeremy Brookes comes to London in search of a new life. Grieving the loss of his mother, he has accepted his erstwhile father’s offer of somewhere to stay. He soon bumps into Kensington’s only socialist florist, Stuart Monroe.

Jeremy is everything Stuart dislikes yet he’s not one to back down from a challenge. Besides what’s a little secret identity between friends?

Pole Position

The glamourous world of Formula One has been Charles Worthington’s life ever since he can remember. Now fresh out of rehab, Charles is determined he still has a place there. His teammate and rival, Luis Salvatore is fairly new and also fighting to prove his worth.

It would be stupid to fall in love. But when did that ever stop someone?

Reality Royal

The honourable Alexander Fitzwilliam has been so focused on impressing his father, he has let life pass him by. When he is thrown together with handsome soap star, Zac Caton, he sees outside of his little world.

Is Alexander willing to allow his future to be rewritten for him?

Public Affair

The CEO of a PR agency, Nihal Varma is used to dealing with glamourous and beautiful people. He's woken up with a lot of them too.

Yet when Carl Carrington, MP and candidate for leader of the opposition, walks into his office, Nihal finds himself a bag of nerves and that never happens. He soon discovers that not only is Carl stunning to look at, he radiates decency. In Nihal's world, that's a very rare commodity.

Let It Breathe

Simon Harrington has two great loves, the first being his son, Luca, and the second, wine. Simon feels change is in the air. And when he meets Rodrigo Costa at a party, everything turns upside down. However, Simon soon discovers Rodrigo is running from his own demons. Simon will have to let his guard down completely to find the happiness he craves. Is he brave enough?

Head over to Amazon to grab a bargain or two now.

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